Dues Due January 1, 2017 Clarence will be collecting at the Christmas Party if you would like to pay then.  $30.00 for members, (Plus Donation)...  $30 for new members. 
All Dues paid after March 17, are $35.00.
Dues can be mailed to Clarence "Bill" Doheny (financial Sec.) 
   223 S. Buffalo St.
   Belle Plaine, MN   56011952-873-2610
New members will be initiated on April 25, 2015.
Jessenland Township, Sibley County.

Sash information 
Multi Colored Hibernian Sashes can be ordered through the following address.
D. & E. Morrissey
1978 S.W. 17th Dr.
Deerfield Beach, FL  33442
These sashes will look great at special Masses, parades, funerals and other special events.
Membership & Dues